Infinite Cash Management

Infinite Cash Management is a « Debt Securities Blockchain Fintech » dedicated to B2B and B2C cryptomarkets.

Cryptocurrency Market and revenues

Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization is more or less 400 billions of dollars. People owning these CryptoAssets want revenues. These revenues can come from speculation on  cryptocurrencies. But with a high risk and volatility.

An innovative financial product

We offer an innovative financial product linking the Old Economic World and the New Crypto Economic World and allowing to give Debt Securities revenues to these CryptoAssets owners (BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH), but also to SME, Corporates and any owner of fiat currencies (Euro, Dollar, Yen, Renminbi, Pound).

A built-in internal investment leveraging mechanism offers high ROI to our customers.

ICM is also a simple, fast and efficient tool for creditors and debtors, allowing companies to access a new source of debt funding. More or less Infinite.


Blockchain tokens offer unparalleled flexibility in terms of velocity, polymorphism and mutability, thus proving to be the ideal tool for financial innovation.